school’s out! zutara fic list (v.5)!


The best Zutara multi-chapter fanfic’s I’ve ever read (redone as of 04/27/2012):

The Slow Path, by Tazmainian Devil - Anti-bender revolts? Sokka and Suki defending Omashu? Toph firebending? It’s everything trite and everything completely ridiculous. It shouldn’t work in the slightest. But… it’s glorious. There is also a heavy Taang focus here. I really like it though! [COMPLETE] 

Stormbenders, by Fandomme - Everybody’s favorite play on the “arranged marriage” trope. Really. It’s def the best in the fandom. If you haven’t read this, you’re wrong. [COMPLETE] Also check out Ozai’s Vengeance by Fandomme as well, which has absolutely nothing to do with either Ozai or Vengeance. Complete as well. Both blow my mind. EDIT: OZAI’S VENGEANCE IS FANTASTIC. A MUST READ.

The Black Games, by Mrs Pettyfer - Hunger Games crossover. Sokka and Yue are chosen as Province 9’s tributes in the annual Black Games. Katara, naturally, volunteers in Yue’s stead to keep her brother safe. ZOMG this one’s jam-packed with feels! Though the world-building is obviously taken from the Hunger Games, it’s important to note that this fic doesn’t follow the plot structure of the book. The explanation for this, of course, is that Katara is very different from Katniss and would thus make totally different decisions, just like Zuko is different from both Marvel and Peeta. And, naturally, unlike in the Hunger Games, there can only be one victor. Warning- character death, as is to be expected. It hits you fast and sudden. Highly recommended! [COMPLETE]

Tempest in a Teacup, by AkaVertigo - For the first half, Zuko isn’t even introduced, but we just have Katara and Iroh. It’s pretty fantastic [: Don’t try to read the sequel, as it’s long dead. But this one ends with enough closure, and it is [COMPLETE].

Twist of Fate, by jazzpha - Aang was released from the iceberg early. Lu Ten killed him in the North, and the Avatar spirit was reborn into Katara. Excellent intrigue in the Fire Nation between Fire Lord Ozai, Crown Prince Lu Ten, General Ozai, and Admiral Jeong Jeong. Also, there’s a great Azula/OC pairing, a budding relationship between Zuko and Katara in the South Pole, Koh, badass!Ursa, and my new OTP, Lu Ten/Jun. A must read. And as of yesterday, [COMPLETE]

Dancing in the Dark, by DamageCtrl - Shameless blutara, with some interesting twists. There’s no action and no intense plot device. Just romantic tension and resolution. Basically, angst and fluff in equal portions. Good for those of you who like that kinda stuff. [COMPLETE]

Half-Asleep, by The Crushinator - This is fantastic. It’s only nine chapters, but still rather long, and is centered around Katara. Though the eventual pairings are not kataang and maiko (obviously), the author still treats those relationships, as well as Aang and Mai, with a lot of respect and depth. I highly recommend it to all A:TLA fans, regardless of shipping preferences. Also, surprise cameos from a past avatar, a badass badgermole, and a crazy guru. [COMPLETE]

His Majesty Prefers Blue, by ShamelessLiar - Man, this fic used to update ALL the time. Like, at least once a week! I followed it up all the way… and it died off right before it was supposed to end. But surprisingly it updated again a few months back and finally finished! HMPB is a wonderful fic regarding Zuko dealing with corruption in his new regime from all angles, including those he’d least expect, while also trying to avoid marrying the political allies his uncle has lined up for him. HEAVY LEMONS. Guys, the characterization in this is the biggest deal. Every character is written exactly spot-on, so that it almost hurts. The Big Bad reveal may upset you, but stick around for the explanation and it’ll make sense. Finally, it’s [COMPLETE]

It’s been a rough few months for me from a fanfic perspective… My efforts to write my own stuff kept disagreeing with Real Life, and some awesome fics that I was reading decided to go dead for no apparent reason. Sad day. Anyways, I’ve got a few sequels on the back burner, as well as the Sparrowkeet business of course. And I’m always on the prowl for new stuff as well. Please send me your recs, and I’ll keep you guys updated with mine when I come across them! Expect another fic list update before the summer’s out. And for those of you in school, good luck on your finals!


P.S. Some of these authors are on tumblr. You should totally stalk them and tell them how much you love them! 

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